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Looking for unique accommodation in Italy? Then staying in a trullo is really something for you! Trulli (plural trullo) are buildings in Italy characterized by pointed roofs and white exteriors. In this special house, you will discover a side of Italy that you have never experienced before. At you will find beautiful trulli in Italy, in the middle of nature!

A trullo is actually a typical Italian building that appears mainly in the southern Italian region between the cities of Bari, Brindisi and Taranto, in the region of Apulia (Apulia in Dutch). Especially in the Valle d'Itria, you will find many trulli, especially in the village of Alberobello. The look of the trullo is very distinctive and unique, something you have never seen anywhere else. The shape is actually like a cone, often decorated with Christian or primitive symbols, because these are historical buildings. Trulli in Italy are made of limestone and are very suitable for summer and winter holidays.

It is very interesting to learn about the history of trulli in Italy. Dating back to the year 1500 in southern Italy, the story goes that residents built houses without cement, only to quickly collapse again. This was smart because it meant less tax had to be paid. Fortunately, many trulli in Italy have now been restored and are available for tourism and some even as accommodation! From a distance you will see that it is a trullo because of the typically pointed roofs that characterize trulli. Many tourists have gone before you to live this unique experience in Italy. You will also feel much more peaceful in a trullo in Italy than in a large hotel or apartment complex, so you can fully recharge your trullo. Trulli in Italy are also located in beautiful places,

All the trulli that you can find here at, like all other types of accommodation, are very small in size and unique in their own way. Since you're not staying in a big, impersonal hotel, you'll find that you'll find lots of nice details in the property. The peace, space, privacy and greenery around you is amazing, so beautiful! The trullo is very suitable for different travel groups. Trulli are usually suitable for 2 to 7 people, so you can stay in a trullo with your partner, family or group of friends. Going on holiday to Italy with your partner? Then the trullo is a very romantic, unique and pleasant accommodation. A trullo is great fun for a romantic vacation or weekend. With the family, the trullo is the end. Children especially will not get bored of this special form of holiday home! Trulli generally have their own kitchen and bathroom. This makes you extremely flexible during your holiday in a trullo. You can cook and go out whenever you want to discover the ending in full! Depending on the level of luxury, you can also find a swimming pool, bathtub or washing machine in a trulli.

Nature in Puglia

Apulia is a fairly flat region bordering the Adriatic Sea to the east and the Ionian Sea to the west. It is an affluent area with fertile land. The entire interior is made up of medieval villages, and a true lover of culture should not miss baroque cities such as Lecce, Bari, Brindisi and Taranto. And of course don't forget the trulli capital, Alberobello. You can visit the rugged coast at Vieste, which is located on a stark white peninsula formed by rocks. For example, take a beautiful boat trip along the coast to see the nearby cliffs and even the caves at their best. Or visit the Parco Nazionale dell'Alta Murgia, a fantastic natural area formed by centuries of erosion. Here you can enjoy fauna, flora and special cave formations. The Castellana Caves are a complex of underground karst caves located in the Italian town of Castella Grotte. Well worth a visit if you have booked a trullo here.

Aktivnosti iz trulla

From your trullo you can do many fun activities, both in the field of nature and in the field of culture. In any case, you can definitely enjoy the most beautiful nature walks from the trullo, due to its convenient location in the countryside. A visit to the beautiful, historic village of Alberobello is definitely not to be missed! Get to know the daily life of Alberobello, one of Puglia's greatest attractions and an ideal day trip from Bari. In the old town you are surrounded by trulli houses. In Rione Monti you will find something very special, a Trullo house consisting of two connected Trulli houses. It is the only one of its kind and therefore definitely worth a visit. Later you can admire the unique trullo church. It is a small but beautiful church whose interior is very simple. If you like visiting museums, you can go to the Museo del Territorio, about the history and origin of the trulli. You can also visit the Museo dell' olio, about olive oil production, one of the most important industries in Italy.

The Basilica of Santa Croce (Church of the Holy Cross) is one of the oldest and most famous Baroque buildings in Lecce. It is a large project in which elements of mythology, religion and history are reflected in the interior and exterior of the building. Outside, you'll find carved sheep, dodos, cherubs, gargoyles, garlands filled with human figures, and more! This building is also part of the UNESCO heritage and therefore worth a visit. A little further, on the coast of Apulia, you can also relax. Polignano a Mare is a picturesque place where you can enjoy a beautiful day. Stroll through the medieval center and visit the charming Piazza dell' Orologio. Or discover a maze of old roads built into a series of rugged rocks. If you look closely, you can find different street poetry here, from beautiful verses to complete poems on a wall or staircase. During the walk you will come across a three meter tall statue, and behind it you can go down the stairs to the Scoglier del Lungomare Modugno. Here you will find a large rock from which the view is breathtaking and where you can take beautiful photos. Would you rather admire the rocky coast than the water? Who can! For example, go rowing, go on a boat trip or go diving.

If you want to take a break from walking, you can relax on the beach. In the bay deep below the old Roman bridge, you will come across a deserted bay with a small stretch of pebbly beach. But also outside the center, you will find plenty of rocks (beaches), for example, Cala Paura. The water here is so blue you have to blink several times. Another great attraction if you have booked a trullo in Puglia is to visit Castel del Monte. This castle is located on a rock five hundred and fifty meters high and is full of medieval symbolism. Eight plays an important role in this castle because it is the number of heaven. In ancient times, he was granted mystical powers. Castel del Monte has eight sides with eight corners and at each corner you will find a tower with projections. There is also an octagonal courtyard where an octagonal fountain probably once stood. The area around the castle is characterized by beautiful landscapes, which is the ideal place for a retreat.

Climate in Puglia

The Puglia region has a typical Mediterranean climate, so you can enjoy short, mild winters and hot, dry summers. Puglia is known as one of the driest and hottest regions of Italy. Even in January, the average temperature is around 8 degrees Celsius. Southern Puglia has an average temperature of over 18 degrees Celsius from May to October. So this is the best time to travel to the Puglia region. For example, in July and August it can reach 30 to 40 degrees Celsius. The water temperature is between 14 and 29 degrees Celsius.

Spend a relaxing night in one of our trulli in Italy has chosen trulli in the most beautiful and quiet places. We have them in Alberobello, Cisternino, Ostuna and Putignano, Locorotondo, Martina Franca and Ceglia Messapica, among others. Alberobello has long been known as the capital of trulli, which makes it a good destination to rent special accommodation here. For example, in this village an old trullo from 1750 has been restored, where you can now spend the night. It can accommodate up to six people and has two bedrooms. Here you can enjoy the supreme peace and native trees and flowers around you. It is set on a private property with a private promenade surrounded by olive trees, and there is also an intimate four-season spa. Enjoy a hammam, a beautiful shower, a relaxation room and a pergola with a kitchen where you can sit. Or sunbathe on one of the relaxing outdoor beds. If you want to walk or run, you can use the nature jogging track. It is also possible to grow your own fruit and vegetables in the garden.

Trullo Tesoro is located near the town of Cisternino, in the Itria Valley, famous for the Trulli Valley for its thousands of characteristic stone houses with conical roofs. This area is also full of beautiful olive groves and fruit trees. The trullo itself sits on an 800 square meter plot of land with fruit trees and can accommodate three adults or two adults and two children. In this house in nature, you will find everything you need, while outside there is a large terrace with garden furniture. You can also laze in the sun or shade in two hammocks. Or enjoy homemade pizzas or bread in the wood oven! A beautiful beach where you can surf, kitesurf and sail is just a fifteen minute drive away. Everything for a great vacation!

If you are looking for a trullo for a romantic getaway, we highly recommend a nature house in Ostuna! In the morning you wake up in a bedroom with French doors, with the sun on your face and a view of olive, almond and palm trees. You have a lot of privacy here, and the house in nature also has a bathroom, a covered kitchen with a terrace (roof). This way, you can enjoy a delicious dinner on the roof terrace in the evening. The sea is a short distance away with beautiful beaches, where you can also enjoy Italian dishes in one of the many atmospheric restaurants. This house in nature is ideal to discover another touristic but beautiful area of ​​Italy. Would you rather relax in a trullo with its own pool? Then choose a country house in Putignan. This accommodation can accommodate four people arranged in four beds, one of which has a double room with bathroom and another bedroom with sofa bed and bathroom. The kitchen is fully equipped and you can dine in the adjacent, air-conditioned gazebo. You can lie comfortably on one of the sunbeds by the pool. If you prefer to relax in the shade, the nature house has a corner with a nice sofa with soft cushions. Ideal for fine Italian wine!

If you decide on such a new, unique accommodation in Italy as a trullo, you may not know exactly what to expect. All the trulli in Italy offered by are located in an extremely quiet place with beautiful nature. You will not find trulli in the center of Alberobello, where the houses can sometimes be close to each other. Only in the quiet areas of southern Italy can you find beautiful trulli. From your trullo to nature and silence, of course, you can go on a trip to beautiful Alberobello! If you are planning a vacation where you want to fully relax, but also feel the taste of Italian culture, rent a trullo from and your dream will come true.

Italian cuisine

Each region in Italy has its own related specialties. Pugliese cuisine is known for its rich meals, an aperitivo is a meal in itself. In addition, this cuisine has many fish dishes because it is surrounded by both the Adriatic and the Ionian. A delicious dish, for example, is pasta con cozze. pasta with mussels. Or try polpo in pignata: a dish with octopus, tomatoes and potatoes. Of course, they have many other fish dishes, so right next to the sea, every fish specialty tastes really good.

Meat is less important in this cuisine, but if you're hungry, you'll mostly see lamb, pork and various types of sausages. In addition, vegetables also play a very important role in Pugliese cuisine, for example in the dish 'orecciete concime di rape', pasta with vegetables. Another popular vegetable dish is fave e cicoria, a puree of dried beans, served with the green leafy vegetable of chicory. Residents cook mainly with local ingredients, such as olives, tomatoes, beet greens, pulses and wheat products. One of the most famous dishes is the ear paste, which is made without eggs.

In addition, Puglia is famous for the production of fresh cheeses, such as burrata, mozzarella and ricotta. Another local celebrity, Caciocavallo Silano DOP is a hard cheese with a light yellow color and a dark yellow rind. It has a mild flavor when the cheese is still young, but becomes more pungent as it matures. On the breakfast table you can also see cheeses enjoyed with pane di Altamura. It is a thick crusty bread with a little Pugliese olive oil or a teaspoon of local honey. Ideal to enjoy in the morning if you have booked a trullo. This region is also known as the "bread basket" of Italy. Apulia also traditionally produces most of Italy's pasta from durum flour. Wines from this region are also becoming more and more famous, think red wines with rich fruit. Good appetite!

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