The best Michelin-starred restaurants in Puglia - every one of them! (2023)

The best Michelin-starred restaurants in Puglia - every one of them! (1)


  • 21.03.22

Puglia has many incredibly beautiful places to explore if you are planning a trip here soon. But you also don't want to miss the local cuisine of Apulia and the best local dishes on offer here, as they will delight your taste buds.

Michelin star restaurants in Puglia are probably the best opportunity for a refined culinary experience during your stay in Puglia. Italy has many of them and luckily, Puglia is home to about eleven (11). We discuss it all in this guide.

1. Casa Sgarra – Trani

Traditional Apulian flavors and local cuisine with a modern twist are the main theme of the various dishes offered at Casa Sgara, a seaside restaurant in Trani, located just twenty minutes from the city's bustling port.

Casa Sgara is run by three brothers whose culinary expertise and collaboration recently earned them a Michelin star as one of the youngest entrants in the Puglia region. You can visit Casa Sgara for everything from fresh handmade pasta to delicately cooked seafood dishes or Sunday ragout with fish or meat, among others.

2. Restoran Bros – Lecce

Bros' Restaurant in Leece is what you get when you combine entrepreneurial creativity and a touch of sarcasm with a super duper fascination with food preparation. This restaurant is the work of two partners, Florian Pellegrino and Isabella Potì.

The restaurant offers two tasting menus of 15, 10 and 5 courses. Here you can stop and try surprise dishes such as "freaking cold egg" or "spaghetti timbale". The creative and contemporary culinary experience here will delight you!

3. Angelo Sabatelli – Putignano Bari

The Angelo Sabatelli restaurant has recently moved to the historic Santa Chiara location in Putignano. But that's not the only thing worth paying attention to in this Apulian restaurant with a Michelin star.

Angelo Sabatelli describes his cuisine as modern and creative. Truth be told, the dishes are a mix of the most original local produce with a modern twist and the occasional Asian flavor that most people who stop here can't stop raving about. Here you will find dishes such as Dim-sum with crab, along with Mediterranean options such as grilled eggplant with burrata, tomato and basil, among others.

4. Pasha – They converse

Pasha in Conversano not only has a beautiful name, but also a beautiful story. This iconic restaurant opened 18 years ago in the Seminario Vescovile (Episcopal Seminary), one of Conversano's most historic buildings.

The focus here is deeply rooted in local Apulian cuisine that has been perfected over the years and served with a modern twist. The food here will sweeten your mouth and the atmosphere will delight you. This is how Pasha enchants!

5. Kazamat – Maduria

Casamatta's commitment to delicacies based on the regional cuisine of Puglia using the best local products, such as its own fish and meat from the region, as well as vegetables grown in the restaurant's garden, earned the restaurant not only a Michelin star, but and a second Michelin Green star for gastronomy and sustainability.

Casamatta offers guests the best taste of Puglia and the restaurant does it in an environmentally friendly way.

6. The first restaurant – Lecce

A trip to Lecce is always special. Another great thing is the food at the small restaurant Primo in Lecce, where the young chef Solaika Marrocco pleases her guests with her high-quality Mediterranean cuisine.

The Primo restaurant offers contemporary Apulian dishes from pasta with tomato, oregano and chilli to sweet bread with raw Gallipoli prawns and orange, as well as aubergine, tomato and béchamel parmesan with toasted wheat. These, like others, are presented in a small dining room with a few tables and a vaulted ceiling. The food and the environment are as great as it gets, which is why Primo won the Michelin star for the first time this year.

7. Dva kamina – Savelletri

Modern cuisine based on the cuisine and heritage of Apulia, created by renowned chef Domingo Schingaro and presented in a beautifully transformed Mediterranean setting worthy of the attention of international VIPs such as David Beckham and Madonna – that was the plan for Due Camini.

The restaurant is going according to plan, sweetening palates and winning hearts in the process. You may want to try one or more of the three (3) Vin in Puglia, Divin Italia and Naturally tasting menus the next time you are near Savelletri.

8. Ή – Ostuni

If you are looking for a place to relax, pamper yourself and enjoy an excellent culinary experience after wandering around the many sights and destinations of Puglia, there is no better place than Ciel in Ostuni, one of the best Michelin-starred restaurants in Apulia.

Ciela's creative and contemporary cuisine consists not only of Puglia, but also of different flavors and recipes from different parts of the world. After enjoying your meal in the white dining room with the iconic vaulted ceilings or among the citrus trees in the restaurant's courtyard.

9. Porta di Basso – Peschici

You start to feel the difference as soon as you sit inside Porta di Basso. Here, the aim is to feel special and pampered and to satisfy your hunger not with just any food, but with high quality Italian cuisine from a special combination of local ingredients along with over 200 types of wine, if... I'm up for it.

This restaurant in the old center of Pešić recently received the well-deserved Michelin star. The menu here is mainly seafood, Apulian and contemporary, and can be enjoyed either on the terrace overlooking the sea or inside the dining room, an ancient oil mill with lime and stone vaults that now houses one of the best Michelin-starred restaurants in Sequins.

10. Already under the vault - Carovigno

The modern and elegant Già sotto l'arco is located in a beautiful baroque building in the town of Carovigno in Puglia, Italy. Under the exceptional leadership of Teodosio Buongiorn and Teresa Galeone, Già sotto l’arco offers a mix of traditional, seasonal and local Apulian dishes, along with more than five hundred different types of wine in its vast cellar.

Here you will find the best of Puglia, whether you are looking for meat dishes or fish specialties. Despite its charm and delicacies, Già sotto l'arco earned and deserved its Michelin star as proof of its culinary excellence among other Puglia restaurants.

11. Quintessential - Trani

The family of four Di Gennaro brothers led by head chef Stefano managed to turn Quintessenza into one of the most sought after restaurants in Puglia. The restaurant recently changed location, moving to its current address, Lionelli, with the new location closer to Castello Svevo and the Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta.

Quitessaenza itself now offers a variety of dining spaces, from the panoramic terrace to the ground floor and basement. Here you will enjoy a simple menu made from a fresh combination of local products, including extra virgin olive oil produced by the Di Gennaro family themselves. The cuisine here is Apulian and contemporary, and the restaurant is one of an exclusive group of Michelin-starred restaurants in Puglia.

A culinary mission like no other!

Puglia has all these fascinating attractions and is full of all kinds of unforgettable experiences and moments that you will want to cherish forever.

In addition to physical experiences, any of these Michelin-starred restaurants in Puglia also offer sophisticated culinary experiences with exciting dishes for an unforgettable dining experience. If you ever find yourself in Puglia, be sure to try one or more of these restaurants.

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