▷ Greyhound bus tickets, schedules and fares (2023)

Everything you need to know about Greyhound bus tickets

If you're looking for Greyhound bus schedules or ticket prices, you've come to the right place!

Greyhound Buses are one of the largest and most trusted bus companies in the world. They provide affordable Greyhound bus tickets and safe, reliable transportation to millions of travelers each year. Founded in 1914, Greyhound is the premier passenger coach specialist in the United States and Canada.

Greyhound Buses offer travel between 4,000 destinations and their buses carry more than 17 million customers each year. Greyhound Buses are known for their regular, reliable shuttle service and affordable bus tickets.

This iconic bus service offers many affordable bus ticket deals with bus timetables and transport options for everyone, whether you are looking for a short or long distance journey.

👉 Why travel with Greyhound?

Greyhound buses offer quality service with a variety of travel features to ensure maximum comfort during your journey. In addition, they are well equipped to accommodate special needs or accessibility issues.

Features are:

  • free Wi-Fi
  • Extra legroom
  • Reclining leather seats
  • Sockets for your devices
  • inflight entertainment system
  • Greyhound Bus Tracker tool for live trip status updates
  • Individual pendant lights at each seat
  • toilets on board
  • regular rest stops
  • Accessibility options and/or passengers with disabilities

👉 Popular Greyhound destinations and timetables

Greyhound Lines serves thousands of destinations across the United States and Canada including:

  • Austin for Boston
  • Denver to Atlanta
  • Colombia to Sacramento
  • Albany to Phoenix
  • Atlantic City for Madison
  • Tucson to Las Vegas

Are you looking for bus timetables or other destinations? Use our main search engine :)


When booking Greyhound bus tickets you can book in person, but to secure the cheapest bus ticket we recommend booking online. If required, you also have the option to book online to secure your tickets and pay for pickup at the Greyhound bus station.

We recommend buying tickets in advance (at least 7 days in advance) to guarantee the best price.

Greyhound Buses offer a variety of secure payment options for anyone purchasing bus tickets.

👉 Greyhound bus ticket prices

Still not sure about your details? Or just looking for the best deal? Anyhow, there are different fare types available when reviewing Greyhound bus tickets depending on what you need.


Book online to secure the cheapest bus tickets. You can pay online or in person after making your reservation online.

Choose from the following ticket types:

  • Economy: This is the cheapest fare, but you can still take advantage of perks like: free WiFi, power outlets, legroom, one checked bag and one carry-on bag FREE.
  • Economy Extra: Get all of the above PLUS be the first on board and choose seats with Priority Boarding. If your plans change, you can also exchange your tickets on the same day (conditions apply).
  • Flexible: With a flexible ticket, you get all of the above, except that you get two checked bags for FREE instead of one, and you can change your ticket before your travel date WITHOUT any fees or get a refund if you need to (and be eligible).

reservation terminal

Pre-booking Greyhound bus tickets online is the safest and cheapest option; However, tickets are also available at Greyhound terminals.

Economy, Economy Extra and Flexible ticket options are still available when booking at the bus terminals, but the Flexible option does not offer an additional checked bag.

Exists commuter quick link

Save on daily fares and get unlimited rides on select routes when you purchase a Quicklink Commuter Pass! 1 day, 10 day or 30 day options are available.

CliqueHereto see if this ticket option is available for your preferred route.

international customers

Do you buy Greyhound bus tickets from abroad? The same purchase options apply, but please note that if you are not using an international card, payment is in US dollars and your card issuer may apply international payment fees.

If you are unsure, check with your credit card company for details or use an international card to avoid card company fees.

👉 Greyhound promo codes and discounts

Looking for a discount? There are 4 ways to secure Greyhound fare discounts to ensure you get the best prices on Greyhound bus tickets:


Children traveling with an adult receive reduced rates in the following age groups:

  • Children under the age of 2 travel free if they sit on your lap
  • Children under the age of 2 occupying their own seat travel at a 20% discount
  • Children aged 2 to 17 travel with a 20% discount when traveling with a person aged 17 or over
  • Passengers aged 17 and over do not receive a discount

Conditions apply, see here for details.


Students can get a 10% discount on Greyhound bus ticketsStudent Advantage Discount Card.

Students must apply for the card online prior to purchasing a ticket and use it when booking.

Military and Veterans:

Active or retired military personnel receive a 10% discount on bus tickets for themselves and their families when purchased at the train station or with the bus ticketVeteran Perk Cardon-line. The card also entitles cardholders to a 25% discount on Greyhound Package Express services (conditions apply).


Seniors aged 62 and over receive a 5% discount on bus tickets. Passengers wishing to take advantage of this discount simply present a photo ID at the time of purchase.

Reservations for large groups:

Do you have a large group or need an entire Greyhound bus?

Greyhound Buses offer discounts on large group bookings (10 people or more) so contact Greyhound Buses to find out if your group is eligible for a discount!

Contact Greyhound BusHere.

Midweek Savings:

Travel on Tuesdays or Wednesdays at lower fares. Even if you arrive before 10:00 you will usually get the best possible price, but this does not apply on public holidays.

Make sure you get the best value for your money and book early to avoid disappointment!

👉 Ticket changes

Travel can be unpredictable. If for any reason you need the flexibility to change your fare, you must purchase the correct ticket type, check the bus schedule and change your dates before your travel date.

If you bought a flexible ticket you can get a full refund or exchange your ticket for another date or time for FREE as long as you do it before your travel date!

If you purchased any of the other ticket types, you can change your ticket for a fee of $20, but unfortunately there are no refunds for a change of mind or circumstances.

Please note when changing tickets:

  • You cannot change the destination on your ticket, but you can change the date and time
  • Modified trips must be made within one year of the date of purchase of your original trip
  • You must make your travel exchange prior to your booked travel date

For more information and details on how to exchange your tickets, click hereHere.

👉 Ticket refund

Want to know if you're eligible for a refund on your Greyhound bus ticket? If you bought a flexible ticket, you're in luck! Just use our checklist below to see if you qualify.

You are entitled to a refund if:

  • You bought a flexible ticket
  • You have not yet used your ticket (in both directions of the return ticket)
  • If you partially used your ticket for a round trip ticket but did not use the return trip
  • Your refund request will be submitted prior to the travel date on your ticket

Greyhound Lines does not accept refunds for missed tickets, delayed buses, partial use of both parts of a round-trip ticket, or if you did not purchase the flexible ticket option.

CliqueHerefor more information on refunds.


What makes Greyhound Buses such a convenient travel provider is their unrivaled customer service, easy-to-navigate bus schedules, andGreyhound-Bus-Tracker.

Greyhound BusTracker provides real-time updated status of where your bus is and compares it to the bus schedule. If there's traffic, unexpected weather conditions or accidents on the road, you'll be the first to know!

This means you no longer have to wait at bus terminals without knowing where your bus is and what time it will arrive at the bus station; You will always be up to date.


In addition to discounts to get the best prices on Greyhound bus tickets, you can sign up for the Greyhound Bus Rewards program; street rewards.

Road Rewards uses a points system to reward repeat customers. Once you're signed up, you'll earn 2 points for each round trip (or 6 points if you choose the flexible fare option), and once you've reached certain point levels, you'll unlock new rewards. very easy!

As you earn points, you will receive the following rewards:

  • 6 points: Receive 15% off your ticket, companion pass and 10% off dining at Greyhound stations.
  • 10 points: Receive a 20% discount on your ticket and a companion pass.
  • 16 points: Get a FREE ticket* everywhere!

The more points you collect, the more rewards you collect and the points are valid for a whole year.

All you have to do is sign up through the Greyhound Lines online registration form and you can start earning points right away! You can only start earning points on new trips, so the sooner you sign up the better.

Redeem your rewards points online, over the phone (US and Canada residents only), or in person at a Greyhound location.

*Conditions apply, see here for details.

Greyhound Customer Service

Greyhound Buses have a comprehensive customer service team ready to assist you with all your needs, whether it's ticketing, ticket discounts or refunds, accessibility or just feedback.

👉 Get in touch with Greyhound buses

Greyhound buses are easily accessible in a number of ways depending on your request:

  • Booking. Greyhound buses offer multiple ticketing options. For general bus ticket enquiries, ticket purchasing information, refunds, Greyhound schedules, exchanges or discount information click hereHere.
  • Baggage. Have you lost or damaged your luggage on a trip or at the train station? If you are concerned about lost or damaged baggage, use the baggage tracing serviceHere.
  • Lost and found. Lost an item at a Greyhound bus stop? Click for lost and found itemsHereto find your Greyhound bus stop.
  • Accessibility. Greyhound is committed to serving people with disabilities and can easily accommodate people with scooters and wheelchairs. Greyhound buses have accessible elevators and staff are well equipped to meet the needs of passengers who require special attention. For information on accessibility and assistance for passengers with disabilities, go toHere.
  • Reward. For questions about the Road Rewards program or requests to redeem points or discounts, seeHere. Or, for current Road Rewards members, see the Localized Members FAQ sectionHere.
  • Other. Tick ​​all other questionsHere.

👉 Greyhound bus phone number and email address

Contact Greyhound Buses by phone using the following information:


  • Call free from the US
    Open 24/7
  • Calling from outside the US
    Open 24/7
  • Spanish (within the US)
    Open 24/7
    Open 24/7


Top tips for boarding Greyhound buses

👉 Find your stop

Did you book your ticket? Start your journey by finding your bus stop with this mobile phoneBus stop locator.

👉 Before your trip

Try to arrive at your stop at least 20 minutes before your journey. Check if your baggage has exceeded the limit by reading theBaggage Allowance Policy.

Make sure you have your ticket ready when boarding.

👉 On your journey

Most Greyhound bus trips have at least one rest stop (depending on the length of the trip) where you can hop off, stretch your legs, use the restroom, and/or purchase food and drink. Remember to take some change with you in case the bus stops at a small rest area or shop. We also recommend stocking up on supplies before departure as there are no food or drink options available on the bus itself.

👉 Security

Greyhound offers affordable and safe travel for everyone. Greyhound buses have received the highest possible safety rating from the Department of Transportation every year for over 10 years. Greyhound bus drivers undergo rigorous training and Greyhound buses are inspected regularly and before each trip to ensure safety compliance.

If you meet someone at the end of their journey or if they want to check their progress, they can follow their journey live with theGreyhound-Bus-Tracker.

Greyhound Buses offer a variety of bus ticket options, a comprehensive bus schedule, excellent onboard resources and a world-class customer care offering. So what are you waiting for? Discover our Greyhound bus tours today!

Book your next trip:
To book your next Greyhound bus trip, check our bus routes with our search engine.

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How much is the bus from Austin to Dallas? ›

Traveling from Austin to Dallas

Just relax and enjoy the journey with free WiFi and plenty of legroom. You can pick up a bus ticket for just $26.99 - that's way cheaper than traveling by any other method.

How long is the Greyhound from Austin to Dallas? ›

How long is the bus ride from Austin to Dallas? The travel time ranges from 3 hours and 5 minutes to 6 hours and 55 minutes depending on bus schedule.

What is the best seat on a Greyhound bus? ›

Sit at the front.

You'll have a better chance of having two seats all to yourself, since everyone else will, undoubtedly, be heading towards the back of the bus. Personally, I prefer the front because it makes me feel more safe to be closer to the driver.

Which is the cheapest bus booking app? ›

AbhiBus. AbhiBus is a leading ticketing application in India for different Bus services. It features 2500 bus partners and 100000 route options.

What is the cheapest transportation from Austin to Dallas? ›

The cheapest way to get from Austin to Dallas is to bus via Austin Eastside Bus Plaza which costs $16 - $60 and takes 4h 50m.

How much is Amtrak from Dallas to Austin? ›

Which train should you take from Dallas to Austin?
TrainDaily TripsAvg. Price
Amtrak Texas Eagle1$24.55

How much is a bus ticket from New York to Dallas Texas? ›

Bus from New York to Dallas from $243 | Greyhound.

Is Greyhound cheaper than Amtrak? ›

Amtrak travel is usually more expensive than Greyhound bus travel. Amtrak travel can be anywhere from 30-100 percent more expensive than a Greyhound bus.

How much is the Greyhound from Texas to Tennessee? ›

Bus from Dallas to Nashville from $212 | Greyhound.

Where should you not sit on a bus? ›

Stay away from the back of the bus on the bottom deck and from anyone with a takeaway. Priority seats on the bottom deck are best. Second best is the top deck, three rows from the front, on the aisle seat.

How many bags can you take on Greyhound for free? ›

Bring 1 carry on bag on the bus with you and store up to 3 bags under the bus. 1st under the bus bag is free, 2nd one is free with our Flexible fare, or 2nd & 3rd $20 each with all other fares. Each bag stored under the bus must be appropriately tagged.

Is window or aisle seat better bus? ›

The aisle seat is generally considered to be the best seat, as it is easy to get in and out of, and there is more legroom than in the other seats. The window seat is often considered to be the worst seat, as it can be difficult to get in and out of, and you cannot see as much out of the window.

Which is cheaper Megabus or Greyhound? ›

Greyhound goes to WAY more locations than Megabus (in the U.S.) but Megabus is usually cheaper. Greyhound allows you to buy tickets online, at the station, over the phone, and at certain stores. You can only buy Megabus tickets online, but this cuts down on some of the 'crazy people' riding that you find on Greyhound.

Which site is good for bus booking? ›

redBus is the world's leading bus ticket booking company.

Which app is good for booking bus tickets? ›

  • RedBus. Redbus: Best Bus Booking App in India. ...
  • Make My Trip. MakeMyTrip is one of the best and famous travel booking app in India. ...
  • AbhiBus. This is India's first native bus and train ticket booking platform. ...
  • ClearTrip. ...
  • Travelyaari. ...
  • Paytm Bus Booking. ...
  • TicketGoose. ...
  • eTravelSmart.
Feb 23, 2022

How much is Amtrak from Texas to New York? ›

Average prices by travel date

Over the next 30 days, the average cost of a one-way train trip from Dallas to New York will vary between $243 and $351. Planning a train trip to New York within the upcoming week? The cheapest train ticket you can find from Dallas over the next 7 days is $245.

How long is Amtrak from Dallas to Austin? ›

Overview: Train from Dallas, TX to Austin

Trains from Dallas, TX to Austin cover the 182 miles (293 km) long journey taking on average 6 h 32 min with our travel partners like Amtrak.

How much does it cost from Dallas to New York? ›

What are the cheapest flights from Dallas to New York? Looking at all options, your cheapest flight can be booked for $80. While the most popular route (Dallas/Fort Worth - Newark) can be booked for $117 on average our data indicates $513 when flying from Dallas to New York.

Is it cheaper to take Amtrak or fly? ›

Train travel is often cheaper than flying, in part because you can generally take more with you before paying extra baggage fees. It can also be more convenient and relaxing than driving, especially if you'd be driving in an unfamiliar place or driving for many hours nonstop to get to your destination.

What cities in Texas does Amtrak stop at? ›

Boardings + Alightings
  • Alpine. 4,999.
  • Austin. 34,513.
  • Beaumont. 3,377.
  • Cleburne. 3,890.
  • Dallas. 47,488.
  • Del Rio. 1,764.
  • El Paso. 14,922.
  • Fort Worth. 114,231.

Is Amtrak cheaper round trip? ›

Also: Round-trip fares are cheaper, too, on Amtrak, but the margin is much smaller. I found prices to be around $100 cheaper on average.

How much is a ride from Dallas to Houston? ›

Journey Information
Distance225 mi (362 km)
Shortest duration3h 45m
Cheapest price$22.00
Trips per day23
Most frequent serviceFlixBus US
1 more row

How much is Dallas to Houston by bus? ›

Bus from Dallas to Houston from $30 | Greyhound.

How much is the bus from Dallas to Fort Worth? ›

How much does a bus ticket from Dallas to Fort Worth cost? The average bus ticket price from Dallas to Fort Worth is $49. The best way to find cheap bus tickets from Dallas to Fort Worth is to book your tickets as early as possible.

Are bus tickets cheaper than plane tickets? ›

Bus fares tend to be a lot cheaper than plane tickets, especially if you're traveling long distances. In fact, sometimes it's cheaper to take a bus than it is to drive.

How much is Dallas to Austin flight? ›

Cheap Flights from Austin-Bergstrom Intl. to Dallas-Fort Worth Intl.
Origin AirportAustin-Bergstrom Intl.
Destination AirportDallas-Fort Worth Intl.
Airlines ServingAmerican Airlines, Delta, Frontier Airlines, United
Flight Price$108
Distance189 mi

How long is the ride from Austin to Dallas? ›

How long is the drive from Austin, TX to Dallas, TX? The total driving time is 2 hours, 57 minutes. Your trip begins in Austin, Texas.

Is Greyhound or Amtrak cheaper? ›

Amtrak travel is usually more expensive than Greyhound bus travel. Amtrak travel can be anywhere from 30-100 percent more expensive than a Greyhound bus.

What is the cheapest way of travel? ›

Use public transportation

Public transportation is a relatively inexpensive way to move though the city. As a rule, disposable tickets cost more, so it is better if you use a few days of public transport. It is also possible to rent a bike, or simply walk.

Is Amtrak cheaper than flying? ›

Train travel is often cheaper than flying, in part because you can generally take more with you before paying extra baggage fees. It can also be more convenient and relaxing than driving, especially if you'd be driving in an unfamiliar place or driving for many hours nonstop to get to your destination.

How do I get from Dallas to Austin without a car? ›

Taking the bus is an easy, convenient way to get between both cities, and it's a more eco-friendly alternative than driving or flying. Megabus and Greyhound offer regular routes between Dallas and Austin, with Greyhound operating buses every hour and Megabus operating four buses per day.

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