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Before we deal withEasyshipReview, here is the most important rule of e-commerce. Regardless of the type and size of business you run, customer satisfaction always depends on how well you manage the order fulfillment process.

But don't get me wrong. I'm not saying that the other processes and operations are less important. You are welcome. All I can say is that, in general, buyers are more concerned about order processing and the shipping process in particular.

Do you want proof? Well, here's the proof. Most research studies on shopping cart abandonment agree that shipping-related reasons account for the majority of shopping cart abandonments. In other words, shipping is the last thing even the most patient buyer would be willing to compromise on.

Unfortunately, transport is not the easiest task. You have to deal with multiple shipping companies to ensure that your customers around the world receive their shipments on time and at the lowest possible cost. You also need a robust framework to manage subsequent returns from customers who decline your shipments.

And then, of course, there's the tedious task of comparing shipping rates and policies from multiple carriers. It is known that courier services serve different destinations with different prices for each class and package size.

If you now add applicable tax rates and delivery times, you have a complicated web of shipping parameters.

Fortunately, today there is a wide range of software solutions designed specifically for managing shipments. One of the most famous, as you might have guessed, is Easyship. And as the name suggests, it's designed to help e-commerce merchants simplify order processing and make shipping as easy as possible.

But is this really possible? Or would you rather forget and rely on other shipment management solutions?

Find out the answer in this unbiased and comprehensive Easyship review. Join us as we systematically break down Easyship's key features to better understand what it's all about, how it works, and how easy it is to use, manage shipments, and pricing. Finally, we will mention the main pros and cons of using Easyship for your online business.

EasyshipGeneral review

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It is often confused with a transport service provider,Easyship is a cloud based platformwhich provides tools for the management and coordination of national and international shipments around the world.

The software itself integrates with e-commerce stores from where it connects retailers with over 250 services and messaging services. They can then compare their rates and policies before deciding on the most convenient and cost-effective way to fulfill customer orders.

All these variables are controlled directly from a centralized dashboard that comes with a variety of tools and options.

For example, the tools can help you determine not only shipping rates, but also the appropriate tax rates for each country. Speaking of which, Easyship also promises to automatically generate tax and customs documents and conclusively calculate whether sellers or customers will incur additional costs along the way.

You can also automate repetitive tasks throughout your order fulfillment pipeline by setting up rules based on product values, package sizes, product categories, preferred delivery options, messaging options, and more.

And that's not all. Easyship has gained notoriety in the e-commerce industry thanks to its partnerships with many shipping companies. This saves you the hassle of dealing with each service individually or perhaps demonstrating your commitment by paying a deposit and signing a contract.

Instead, you can conveniently route your orders to different suppliers with a single click on the dashboard. There are no negotiations, special contracts or prepayments. Simply secure the most cost-effective option and track packages at every stage of the delivery cycle.

While this is a great way to ship your products cheaply, Easyship can make the whole process a lot cheaper. Easyship offers merchants discounts of up to 70% on some shipping options, reducing cart abandonment and increasing customer satisfaction. You might even sell a lot more if customers find they can get their orders at a very low price.

But that is not all.Easyship goes even deeperBuild into the order fulfillment process by working with warehouse partners. Therefore, you should be able to outsource even the storage and packaging of your products to compliance experts. The companies are headquartered in various locations around the world, from where they collect, store and process orders on behalf of e-commerce companies, including direct shippers.

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so generalEasyshipsounds like a pretty decent upload platform. They are definitely worth a try. But even these functions are not guaranteed. This means that tools under the hood can become something else when it comes to the real thing.

To help you clear up any questions or misunderstandings, here's an overview of key features based on my first-hand experience. It was created after months of testing all the tools on the platform.

Easyship Review: Key Features

Easy ease of use

One thing to note about Easyship is that while it is very capable of operating independently, it opts for an integrated approach. The platform integrates with your eCommerce platform and streamlines fulfillment processes when orders come in from your customers.

So part of the setup process here is installing Easyship on your company's system. Fortunately, this shouldn't be difficult as cloud-based software comes in the form of pre-built and integrated applications.

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You'll find compatible versions for all major eCommerce platforms, from open source systems like WooCommerce and Magento to closed source platforms likegang marketinge Shopify.

But Easyship is not over yet. It turns out that the software can also integrate with popular marketplaces in addition to typical e-commerce platforms. So that you can use the software smoothly on Etsy, eBay, Amazon and Co.

In short, even small dropshipping retailers can join the Easyship bandwagon. It connects well with the underlying framework to control order fulfillment processes directly from your seller account.

Whichever version you choose for your online business, you can control the main shipping parameters from Easyship's control panel. Easyship has all the tools you need to track orders and deliveries, compare rates from multiple carriers, coordinate packages with warehouse providers, adjust multiple fulfillment variables, and automate repetitive tasks.

The dashboard design itself is refreshingly simple and minimalist. It's all very simple and you probably won't need any special instructions to get started. Even beginners should be able to get their bearings and understand the most important functions right away.

Another advantage of the Easyship panel is the clear view of the order processing system. It provides fast, real-time information on the progress of customer orders, shipments and deliveries.

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The order processing process is also quite simple and straightforward here as you don't need to register an account with the individual carriers. Easyship gives you the privilege of using multiple international shipping services from one central dashboard.

Therefore, you should not expect any difficulties when switching from one provider to another. You can easily benefit from countless cheap suppliers without worrying about hiring or negotiating discounts.

Meanwhile, Easyship displays all the important details about every order at every step of the entire fulfillment process. You can track them by delivery times, tracking numbers, taxes, carriers, shipping costs, etc. Everything is neatly organized here for full visibility and 24/7 real-time tracking.

Easyship shipment management

Easyship is not just a service to compare freight from different carriers and choose the cheapest options. Essentially, this is just a small part of the larger shipment management pipeline that Easyship operates.

You can automate basic tasks, process bulk orders, coordinate order picking and packing, create and customize shipping labels, facilitate payments for shipping services, manage product information, split and combine shipments, secure packages, manage returns, calculate applicable taxes and fees. quantities and follow-up of orders and shipments.

In other words, you can think of Easyship as a comprehensive shipping management platform.

When it comes to order creation, Easyship is flexible enough to start the entire fulfillment process from three order sources.

You can import multiple jobs directly from a spreadsheet and edit them. However, if you prefer to build your orders from scratch, Easyship allows you to enter details for each package.

However, the easiest way is to integrate Easyship with your e-commerce platform and then automatically get the customer's order information.

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This is practically the same level of flexibility that the platform offers also in the subsequent selection of the transport service provider. In addition to comparing carriers based on their shipping rates (shipping costs), you can also compare carriers based on their respective delivery times, insurance options, tracking frequency and number of delivery attempts.

Easyship software has partnered with over 100 reputable shippers to date including, for example,UPS, DHL Express, USPS,yFedex.Therefore, you will find a variety of competitive options for both domestic (US-based) and international (global e-commerce) shipping.

In addition, Easyship has negotiated special and non-standard shipping rates with its partners. This means that you may pay discounted prices for your packages from time to time. And if you're lucky, the cost can be reduced by up to 70% in some cases.

This can result in huge savings for customers and businesses alike.

If it sounds too good to be true, rest assured that all service costs on the platform are transparent and there are no hidden customization fees. The fees shown always accurately reflect the total costs you have to pay. No extra surprise bills in the future.

However, you can also purchase additional shipping services if you wish. For example, drop shippers and small businesses would likely be interested in purchasing storage solutions from Easyship partners.

This particular set of solutions plays a slightly different role than typical mail order companies. Basically, they allow merchants to store the products in their various warehouses, from where they pack the orders before finally shipping them to the respective buyers.

Ultimately, this system saves you the cost and hassle of managing product logistics. Businesses will take everything out of your hands while you can use your time more productively running the business.

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However, if you have time for all that,Easyship still offers the toolsto manage your packaging process. You should be able to create, configure, and print many types of shipping document combinations, including customs declarations, import duties, packing slips, and shipping labels.

It is also possible to minimize shipping costs by combining multiple packages into one smaller shipment. You can also split a single package into multiple shipments, depending on your preferences.

In general, however, the best strategy would be to automate repetitive order fulfillment tasks.

But how, you ask?

Coincidentally, Easyship has something called "Shipping Rules" that can be used to set up different types of task automation.

For example, you can set up rules to automatically select couriers based on certain package characteristics. The system then identifies orders that meet the conditions and forwards them to previously selected carriers. As simple as that.

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Meanwhile, you can easily track shipments at every stage from your online dashboard. In addition, you can configure the system to keep your customers informed by sending them updates via email.

For customers who want up-to-the-minute tracking, Easyship offers a simple status update toolon your main page. All your buyers need to do is enter their tracking numbers and Easyship will immediately display the status of their packages.

Well, that's pretty impressive. And if you think about it, this feature alone should help you avoid frequent status requests from your customers.

Easyship pricing at checkout

Easyship does not wait for order delivery to interact with customers. Turns out it suits shoppers right from the start, even before they place their orders.

The feature I'm talking about here is from Easyship"box prices",which usually kicks in during the checkout process. It gives the customer the advantage of being able to indicate how he wants his request to be fulfilled.

And how exactly is this accomplished?

Is easy. When the customer arrives at the checkout page, Easyship automatically does some quick calculations based on order volume and delivery location, as well as other shipping parameters. You'll not only see applicable fees and tax amounts, but also the best shipping options available.

Specifically, each customer can choose from three shipping rates. Buyers on a budget can opt for the "cheapest shipping fee", while customers in a hurry may be forced to "Fastest shipping rate."

The third and final option is usually "Best value rate",and offers a balance between delivery speed and cost. That means the lowest possible price with the shortest possible delivery time.

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It's worth noting that these numbers and options are created after a quick but thorough review of the 100+ shipping companies on the platform. Easyship takes into account your real-time rates to accurately compare cost and time variables.

But that is not all. The system also explores the experiences you've had with shipping services. Analyze your individual performance history based on reviews that real customers have left over the years.

Easyship displays the average rating for each of the three options to help shoppers find the most reliable carrier.

Now, when customers consider all of this along with the taxes and handling fees for each service, they should be able to make an informed decision about the most suitable carriers for their orders. In turn, it should be easier for companies to persuade customers to stay and thus reduce the churn rate.

Easy boarding fees and taxes

Make no mistake. Automatic tax calculation is not a new feature. We've seen them on various digital business platforms.

While taxes and fees are levied in almost every country in the world, most eCommerce apps limit their calculators to US rates. Unfortunately, this leaves out buyers from other geographic areas.

To alleviate the problem, Easyship has developed a fully flexible tool to manage taxes and fees on shipments. Rather than simply implementing national rules, it allows online retailers to map different countries' fees and taxes.

And how is this supposed to work?

(Video) Best Shipping Software In 2023 - Pirateship vs Shipstation vs Shippo vs Easyship

First, you need to be able to determine the required tax rates for different items in different jurisdictions. This ensures that your business meets all legal requirements while continuing to serve international customers.

By the way, sellers do not pay all kinds of taxes and fees. So Easyship also allows you to set up the part that collects the taxes and fees.

In some cases, customers pay their taxes as part of the total purchase price and the company is required to submit proper documentation. In other cases, you can leave the tax return to the customer. The system you choose here ultimately depends on the international tax laws of the countries to which you will be shipping your products.

This is highly commendable. But when you think about it, this dynamic approach seems to potentially complicate things for entrepreneurs. Because, let's face it: who can afford to comply with all these tax laws?

Okay, I have to admit it's a good point. But you know what? Easyship also agrees.

And that's how it looks. Surprisingly, it solves the problem by providing a country-specific tax database as part of its software package. And yes, it contains all the basic information you need about tax and customs regulations in various international markets.

Quite admirable, don't you think?

easy shipping prices

For your convenience, Easyship offers two pricing systems. You can opt for the standard subscription or the pay-as-you-go shipping package. It all depends on your preferences and needs.

pacote pay as you go

As the name suggests, Easyship'spay per useoption, you can use the service without making a long-term commitment. The platform simply grants access to all features and charges a shipping fee for each order.

However, it should be noted that shipping costs are not constant. What you end up paying for each shipment depends on the carrier you choose, the locations involved and the physical characteristics of the package.

So, you should take advantage of shipping consolidation to get cheaper shipping rates.

Subscription-based pricing plans

Subscription-based pricing plans are reserved for long-term users. Easyship essentially charges a standard fee per month or year based on the specific features you choose.

These are the four available options:

Easyship Review: Is It Really the Easiest Shipping Method? - The digital retailer (7)
  • free plans:The free plan comes with email support (customer service), shipment notifications, checkout pricing, analytics, unlimited ecommerce integrations, 1 staff member, 1 courier account, and 100 shipments per month.
  • plan more:At $23 per month billed annually or $29 per month billed monthly, the Plus plan offers chat support, brand tracking, email customer service and support, shipping notifications, checkout pricing, analytics, integrations Unlimited e-commerce, 3 team members, 2 messaging accounts and 500 shipments per month.
  • Plano Premier:O Plano Premier increases the monthly cost to $49 billed monthly and $39 billed annually. In return, you get phone support, chat support, brand tracking, email support, shipping notifications, pricing at checkout, analytics, unlimited eCommerce integrations, 5 team members, 3 courier accounts, and 2,500 shipments per month.
  • business plan:The Enterprise plan is offered at a custom price based on the exact capabilities of your account. Offers a customer success manager, phone support, chat support, brand tracking, email and customer service support, shipping notifications, checkout pricing, analytics, unlimited ecommerce integrations, unlimited members from the team, unlimited messages from accounts, and unlimited shipping per month.

Easyship Review - Pros and Cons

Advantages of Easyship

  • Easyship integrates seamlessly with a variety of popular eCommerce platforms and marketplaces, including Shopify and Magento,gang marketingWooCommerce, Amazon, etc.
  • There is a perpetual free plan that supports up to 100 sends per month with a messaging account.
  • To date, Easyship has worked with over 100 renowned shipping companies, serving the domestic and international markets.
  • Easyship has negotiated special discounted shipping rates with carriers, some of which have dropped as much as 70%.
  • To diePrices at check-outThe feature prevents cart abandonment by offering customers up to three of the most profitable shipping options.
  • For merchants without warehousing facilities, Easyship offers warehousing services through its logistics partners.
  • Because pricing plans accommodate different levels of shipping needs, Easyship can be used by businesses of all sizes.
  • The platform has an incredibly dynamic tool to manage national and international taxes and fees.
  • You can easily create, customize and print custom shipping labels.
  • The shipping rate calculator uses real-time data from each carrier.
  • With Easyship, you can easily switch between multiple shipping companies.
  • The tracking tool keeps merchants and customers updated on the status of shipments in real time.
  • Easyship lets you create custom shipping rules to automate repetitive tasks throughout your order fulfillment chain.
  • The main panel is pleasantly intuitive and simple enough for all types of users.
  • Easyship can generate tax and customs documents for each order.
  • You have the option of combining multiple shipments into a single package or splitting a package into multiple shipments.
  • Easyship has added product returns to its order fulfillment channel.
  • The platform allows you to connect and synchronize multiple stores.
  • You can conveniently ship your products to over 220 countries around the world.
  • Easyship is flexible enough to offer a prepaid plan. You only pay shipping fees without committing to a monthly subscription plan.

Disadvantages of Easyship

  • For three of the four plans, Easyship has limited the number of shipments it can process per month.
  • Easyship supports merchants and businesses based in a select number of countries only.

Easyship Review FAQ:

How much does Easyship cost?

Easyship is free, you only pay shipping costs. No setup, subscription, or cancellation fees. Save up to 70% when shipping with 100+ carriers. Easyship calculates taxes and fees for your international orders.

What is UPS Easyship?

Easy Ship tools allow self-fulfilling wineries to streamline the fulfillment process by creating shipping labels for supported carriers directly from WineDirect.

What is the pay-as-you-go process?

Easyship is flexible enough to offer a prepaid plan. You only pay shipping fees without committing to a monthly subscription plan.

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Easyship Review: The Final Verdict

So there you have it. i can confirm itEasyshipreally lives up to expectations.

The entire platform is designed to facilitate order processing when dealing with multiple carriers in different countries.

Merchants and businesses can use the tools to find the best carriers for their customers' orders, reduce cart abandonment, take advantage of multi-location warehouses, calculate taxes and fees, provide all necessary documents and shipping labels, create and automate tasks repetitive in order processing. .

In short: the brand suits him perfectly.

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Is Easyship real? ›

Easyship is easy to use, reliable and cost effective especially for a new startup like myself. I have been using Easyship for over 3 months and I will definitely recommend them. Saves me so much and streamlines the fulfillment process. Easy integration & syncs perfectly with Shopify store.

What are the benefits of Easyship? ›

It provides tools to sync orders from an online store and effortlessly manage shipments via an easy-to-use interface. Easyship will help you cut shipping costs by accessing a discounted courier ecosystem.

How long does Easyship take to deliver? ›

In this guide, learn their rates, delivery times, how to track packages and how to use through Easyship. Key Points: Asendia Shipping is an international courier that caters to eCommerce companies. In general, it will take anywhere between 6-21 days to deliver a package through Asendia.

Is Easyship really free? ›

Easyship will always be free for new and small businesses. Users will only have to pay after reaching certain usage and shipment thresholds, while all current features will still be available on the free version of our pricing plan.

What is the most trusted shipping company? ›

Best Shipping Companies for Small Business of 2023
  • Best Overall: United States Postal Service.
  • Best for Small Packages: Sendle.
  • Best for Large Packages: UPS.
  • Best for International Shipping: DHL Express.
  • Best for e-Commerce Business: ShipBob.
  • Best for Quick Shipping: FedEx.
  • Best Affordable Option: EasyPost.
Feb 21, 2023

How does Easyship work? ›

Easyship is an all-in-one shipping platform that handles the entire shipping process from sourcing the best carriers to ship with, finding the best shipping rates, generating all necessary shipping labels and documents, and calculating shipping taxes and duties.

Is free shipping really worth it? ›

On the other hand, luxury brands might not want to lower their products' costs because it can reduce the perceived value of items. Instead, free shipping is a nice bonus to boost conversion rates. In the minds of consumers, cheap shipping isn't tied to the quality of the item itself. Again, free shipping is great.

What is difference between FBA and Easyship? ›

With Amazon Fba, sellers have to ship their items to amazon warehouse and when an order is placed by the amazon customers, the Fba team will process the order. Whereas with the easy ship method, sellers have to maintain their inventory on their own business location.

Can individuals use Easyship? ›

A: Anyone can use Easyship, but understanding the terms of commercial shipping is important if you are shipping a personal item. Insurance is key, as Easyship nor the courier can be held accountable for loss or damage.

Is Easyship part of UPS? ›

Easyship is a certified UPS Ready® application. Users can connect their own UPS rates while enjoying seamless connectivity within Easyship's shipping solution.

Where is Easyship based? ›

Easyship was founded in 2015. Where is Easyship's headquarters? Easyship's headquarters is located at 61 Broadway, Suite 1705, New York.

Is Easyship cheaper? ›

While that's a fairly good way of shipping your stuff inexpensively, it turns out Easyship can make the whole process a lot cheaper. It offers merchants discounts of up to 70% on some of the shipping options, consequently reducing cart abandonment rates and enhancing customer satisfaction.

How much is Easyship on Shopify? ›

$29/month. Shipping rates are calculated on a per shipment basis. Subscription pricing may differ by market.

How do I print labels on Easyship? ›

Printing Shipping Documents on Easyship

Once labels are generated in the queue, hover your cursor over the batch you want to print, and you will see the Print option. Click it, and the shipping documents will populate on the screen. You can either download the PDF and print or print directly from the page.

What is USPS Easyship? ›

Easyship, with the help of valued partners, provides an ultra-economic lightweight shipping solution by the name of USPS Lightweight Trackable. This cost-effective service offers a solution for merchants shipping low price-point items across the US.

What is best online shipping company? ›

7 Parcel Shipping Companies to Consider in 2022
  1. UPS. UPS (United Parcel Service) is one of the best package delivery services in the U.S. It is the go-to option for shippers who want to send large, heavier packages such as dense wood furniture. ...
  2. FedEx. ...
  3. USPS. ...
  4. DHL Express. ...
  5. Sendle. ...
  6. EasyPost. ...
  7. OnTrac Shipping.
Aug 24, 2022

Who is the No 1 shipping line in the world? ›

AP Moller-Maersk Group

They are the largest vessel and container ship operation in the world, and have several subsidiaries providing transport and logistics operations. They operate in 130 countries, shipping approximately $675 billion worth of goods yearly. They employ 76,000 people and ship 4,176, 517 total TEU.

What is the most secure shipping method? ›

Registered Mail is the most secure way to send a package through the USPS. As part of the security conditions for this mail class, Registered Mail must be sent with proof of mailing which requires a trip to the Post Office (you cannot deposit your package in a collection box).

Who owns Easyship? ›

Who are Easyship's founders? We have three founders who make up our executive leadership team. Tommaso Tamburnotti, Augustin Ceyrac & Paul Lugagne.

How do I cancel Easyship? ›

How to Close Your Easyship Account
  1. Step 1: Navigate to Account > Company.
  2. Step 2: Scroll to the bottom of the page and click Close Account.
  3. Step 3: You will be prompted to confirm account closure.
  4. Step 4: Provide reasoning for closing the account.

What is UPS Easyship? ›

Easyship is a cloud-based shipping platform designed for global eCommerce. The all-in-one system provides users with tools to manage domestic and international shipping through more than 50+ couriers and shipping providers, including DHL, UPS, USPS, and FedEx.

Do buyers prefer free shipping? ›

Yet, when given the choice between free shipping and fast shipping, an overwhelming 83% prefer free.

What is the disadvantage of free delivery service? ›

The foremost disadvantage of free shipping is that it does not influence profit margins. Additional fees are utilized to cushion any handling and shipping costs. In the long-run, losing this cushion can negatively impact your business's bottom line.

Who is cheaper to use for shipping? ›

While FedEx and UPS Ground services offer similar delivery times, USPS typically offers the lowest rates. If a package weighs over 7 lbs or so, though, UPS and FedEx start offering more competitive rates.

Is it better to use FBA or ship yourself? ›

While it might seem like sellers who pick, pack, and ship their own goods have lower costs than those who use Amazon FBA and must pay FBA fees, when the total costs are compared, FBM sellers often spend more to ship products.

Is it better to dropship or Amazon FBA? ›

Amazon FBA can be potentially more profitable than dropshipping. This is because you are purchasing items in bulk from a manufacturer and then shipping them to an Amazon warehouse or third-party warehouse. This allows you to better scale up your Amazon business.

Is Amazon FBA still worth doing? ›

But if you're someone who will work hard, not take no for an answer or take the first excuse to quit that comes your way, then selling on Amazon FBA is most definitely still worth it. It remains to be one of the clearest, most predictable routes to a 7-figure business in the 2020s.

What is the difference between Easyship and self ship? ›

Easy ship is a delivery service by Amazon. You as a seller are required to generate labels, pack your orders and when orders are ready Amazon will come to pick the orders for delivery to buyer. And, Self ship is where everything is required to be done by buyer.

How can I ship without getting scammed? ›

How to Avoid Shipping Scams
  1. 1 Be wary if messages contain grammar or spelling errors.
  2. 2 Don't click links that are emailed or texted to you.
  3. 3 Don't respond to requests for more money via text.
  4. 4 Get tracking numbers for your shipments.
  5. 5 Request a signature at drop-off.
  6. 6 Pay via credit card or PayPal.

What is Easyship Amazon? ›

Amazon Easy Ship is a delivery service for Amazon.in sellers. When you choose Amazon Easy Ship, your orders are picked up from your location by an Amazon Logistics delivery associate and delivered to the buyers' doorstep with minimal effort from you.

What is the cheapest shipping with tracking? ›

USPS First Class Package service is the cheapest option with tracking, and the package weight limit is 16 ounces.

Which shipping company is used by Amazon? ›

Our Courier Partners
Name of the CourierEmail AddressPhone Number
Gaticustomerservice@gati.com1860-123-4284 https://www.gati.com/contact-us/customer-care/
Indian Postal Service-1800 266 6868 https://www.indiapost.gov.in/VAS/Pages/Content/ContactUs.aspx
Aramex-011-3300 3300
Ecom Express-Call +91-8376 888888
4 more rows

What is the cheapest way to ship a 20 lb package? ›

If you're shipping a package up to 20 pounds and within a certain volume range (1728 cubic inches), USPS Priority mail is your best option. If your package exceeds these specifications, carriers like FedEx or UPS will most likely be a cheaper option.

How many employees does Easyship have? ›

Easyship's NAICS: 54,541 How many employees does Easyship have? Easyship has 98 employees What industry does Easyship belong to? Easyship is in the industry of: Supply Chain Management (SCM) Software, Software Development & Design, Software What is Easyship competition?

What website do the people on Shipping Wars use? ›

The show follows various independent shippers who have discovered that money can be made transporting large/bulky/unusual items that traditional carriers either cannot or will not haul. They compete for shipments in timed auctions held by uShip, one of the largest online auction houses for independent shippers.

What is FedEx Easyship? ›

Easyship is one of the world's leading ecommerce shipping software platforms. Their omnichannel platform integrates with marketplaces like BigCommerce, Magento, and Shopify, plus Amazon, Etsy, and crowdfunding sites like Kickstarter and Indiegogo.

What is the cheapest way to ship heavy items? ›

Consolidated freight is typically the cheapest way to ship heavy packages. Compare shipping rates for heavy items using the most common shipping methods: USPS. Parcel shipping (such as FedEx or UPS)

What is the cheapest way to ship a large package? ›

One of the cheapest ways to send large packages is through freight shipping services. But it's also a good idea to check and compare prices with USPS, FedEx, and DHL. You may get a lower price depending on the weight and class of your products. Or take advantage of faster services.

How can I ship my order cheaper? ›

Here are some ideas that can potentially lower your average shipping cost.
  1. Decrease the shipping distance. ...
  2. Weigh your packages and reduce dimensions. ...
  3. Find discounted supplies. ...
  4. Get discounted shipping rates. ...
  5. Check out offers from the platform(s) or marketplace(s) you sell on. ...
  6. Insure with third parties. ...
  7. Go prepaid.

How do you know if a courier is legit or not? ›


Do they have a presence online? A reputable courier service has a website (how else are you going to track your parcel right?) and some kind of social media presence. Don't forget to check for online reviews as well, whether it be via their Facebook page or Google reviews.

Is Easyship for personal use? ›

FAQs. Q: Is Easyship only for businesses? A: Everyone can use Easyship.

Are there fake shipping companies? ›

Periodically, we come across shipping scams by fraudulent people or firms impersonating freight forwarders and shipping lines. Of course, these fraudsters and scams come in various forms, mainly by those using a similar or duplicate name or those creating a fake website to attract shippers and impor...

Can package tracking be faked? ›

Some scammers have learned that they don't even have to provide working tracking numbers. They simply send what looks like a normal order confirmation email with a phony number. Recipients never check the tracking number until they haven't received a package (or received a package with the wrong items).

Does it cost money to receive a package from a diplomatic courier? ›

Any talk of a diplomat coming to your doorstep to deliver a fortune is utter nonsense and a scam. You will be told to pay thousands of dollars to that "diplomat" and if do, all of that money will be lost.

Does it cost to use Easyship? ›

Easyship will always be free for small businesses.

Where does Easyship ship from? ›

We currently have warehouses in several locations in the US, Europe, and Asia which allows you to be closer and ship faster to your customers! Consolidation & Dropshipping, Easyship does not consolidate or assist with dropshipping.


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