15 Best White Label SEO Tools for Marketers and Agencies in 2023 (2023)

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White label SEO tools allow you to expand the range of SEO offerings you can present to your clients without having to develop new tools, reporting offerings or features yourself.

White labeling, or SEO reselling as it's sometimes called, allows you or your agency to focus on what you do best. Even if you're primarily involved in design, development, advertising, or e-commerce, most clients probably want at least some SEO-related services as well. By opting for white label SEO tools, you can avoid the need to retrain employers, redirect resources, or hire new employees. Just keep doing what you do best while reselling thatSEO-Toolsand services of others.
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White labeling has been around for a while. And it simply means that you are provided with the dashboard, analytics screens or output of an “unbranded” SEO tool. By placing your brand or your client's brand on SEO tools or your results, you can effectively add another organization's suite of tools to your offering.

"White labeling" with SEO tools offers you the following options:

  • Mark a tool as owned by your organization
  • Reselling a tool to a customer even though you didn't make the tool yourself
  • Set up a custom domain that hosts a set of tools created by your company or others
  • And discreet billing of third-party services.

Benefits of white label SEO tools include:

  • The ability to quickly scale services as demand increases
  • The ability to offer a greater variety of services to individual customers.
  • The ability to implement a greater variety of upsells
  • The ability to function with your experience and allow other companies to expand your skillset
  • The ability to profitably respond to ups and downs in demand

There is currently a wide range of SEO tools that are “white-labelled”. The most common types of white label SEO tools include:

  • Reporting-Tools
  • Audit-Tools
  • Analyse-Tools
  • Pay-per-Click-Tools
  • boards
  • And entire platforms or ecosystems of SEO tools

Choosing white label SEO tools can be daunting. With any new external tool implemented in your offerings, you need to ask yourself:

  • Could you have trained an existing employee to expand our offering in this area?
  • Could we have built a better tool ourselves?
  • And should we even just focus on what we currently offer?

Well, luckily for you, there are already thousands of reviews of the most popular ones.White-Label-SEOTool.

The researchers in this article also have first-hand experience with a wide range of products, which are featured below.

If you are wondering about theThe Best White Label SEO Toolsof 2019, be sure to read our carefully verified reviews below!

Table of contents

  • What to Look for in a White Label SEO Tool
  • White-Label-SEO-Tool-Taktiken
  • The Best White Label SEO Platforms
  • The Best White Label SEO Dashboards
  • The best white label SEO analysis tools
  • The Best White Label SEO Audit Tools
  • The Best White Label SEO Reporting Tools

What to Look for in a White Label SEO Tool

Getting to the heart of quality white label SEO tools involves establishing two requirements:

  • That the tool fulfills your range of services and functions
  • That the tool is white labeled to the extent you need it

Setting performance and feature requirements depends on your price point, the type of tool you're looking for, and what competing tools are offering. Essentially, part of choosing a white label SEO tool is as simple as answering'How good is the tool?'

As an agency or SEO professional looking to expand their services through white labeling or SEO reselling, you need a tool that is white-labeled to the extent you need it.

Some of the key ways to whitelabel a tool or service are as follows:

  • Ability to make design decisions in the tool.
    • Common options include custom headers, footers, typography, and logos
  • Ability to match your brand's brand or your client's brand
    • Any self-respecting white label SEO tool allows users to place a logo of their choice on the tool.
  • Ability to host the tool on a custom domain
    • SEO tools hosted in the cloud allow you to place white label tools on custom domains or subdomains like WhiteLabelTool.YourAgency.com
  • Brand reporting capability
    • Make sure every step of a customer journey is white labeled
  • Ability to adjust invoice amount and invoice details
    • Most professional white label SEO tools allow you to charge for anything you want and offer a range of payment provider integrations.
  • Ability to integrate all necessary data flows
    • Many white-label SEO tools offer functionality to import custom data and "blend" data from multiple sources.

Once you've determined that a tool meets your white-label oriented and functional needs, you can begin to integrate the tool into your offerings.

Ready to add analytics, audits, site monitoring, and PPC to your existing pipeline? Be sure to checkTactics to increase SEO resale below.

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We offermade for youServices such as keyword research, link building, content summaries and MORE (for you to resell/white label).

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15 Best White Label SEO Tools for Marketers and Agencies in 2023 (3)

White label SEO tools are a great way to expand your SEO offering and focus on what you or your agency do best. But if you're hoping to go beyond the unique use cases for white-label tools, consider using new SEO tools in a way that ties them into your broader business strategy.

Some of the most common strategies used to align white label SEO tools with business goals are as follows:

  • Include white label SEO tools in hosting or content management plans.
  • Using white label SEO tools like audit request forms as a lead generation tactic.
  • Customize white label SEO tools and charge clients a reseller fee (if your contract allows)
  • Production of live results for clients that do not require manpower
  • Catch up on service contracts you've been behind by leveraging automation of new white-label SEO tools.
  • Use of internal white label SEO tools
  • Outsource processes that make you inefficient while you focus on what you do best

That being said, white label tools can offer large chunks of what a full agency or SEO professional offers. With the wise use of white label SEO tools, they can help you greatly increase the reach and appeal of your business offerings.

The Best White Label SEO Platforms

15 Best White Label SEO Tools for Marketers and Agencies in 2023 (4)

White label SEO platforms are one-stop shops for a variety of white label SEO tools and services. Many platforms can be set up as a plugin for content management systems or as a subdomain on your own site.

Once you set up which tools a particular client can access and set up billing, your client will have the ability to view up-to-date reports, request more services, and communicate with your agency in an organized and efficient manner.

In a way, white label SEO platforms unify all of the categories that we will cover later in this guide. That said, white label SEO platforms are a place to house multiple white label SEO tools as well as communication channels with your business.

While we've mainly focused on white label SEO tools in our guide, you should be aware that many white label SEO platforms offer more than just tools. Common offerings include follow-up and order placements, content management campaigns, link building, and a variety of SEO services. With the ability to integrate these outlets into a data-driven dashboard and track service orders along with the results, the platforms create tremendous value for customers.

15 Best White Label SEO Tools for Marketers and Agencies in 2023 (5)

There is such a wide range of white label SEO platforms to choose from that your choice will likely depend on specific offerings within a platform and the needs of your customers. That being said, there are a number of common traits associated with top-notch white-label SEO platforms in 2019.

In order to create our ranking on the topic, we looked at different onesmetricincluding:

  • Number of integrations
  • White Label Options
  • Price (the cheaper the better!)
  • customer experience
  • Scope of additional offers (link building, content campaigns, etc.)

1.) PosiRank All-in-One-SEO-Plattform

15 Best White Label SEO Tools for Marketers and Agencies in 2023 (6)

Simply put, Posirank outperforms most other white label SEO platforms with its range of on-page and off-page SEO outsourcing options. While PosiRank doesn't come cheap, it offers an amazing range of "live" audit and analysis tools, automation options, and active components to build websites, including citation cleaning, paid links, and content campaigns.

PosiRank has fulfilled more than 125,000 product orders and ranked more than 7,000 websites on the first page of Google for the keywords they searched. We particularly like the integration of outsourced SEO options into analytics dashboards. Users can schedule regular or one-time "boosts" for their campaigns. And while it doesn't come cheap, most SEO outsourcing options are well within the pricing of the market.

The “grey” options allow advanced users to request higher-risk, higher-reward SEO optimizations. The best price offers take place with the wholesale access. Wholesale access costs $300 (or credits as they are called) per month. If you or your customers spend more than 300 credits, the monthly fee does not apply. Additional offers that include the coordination of a scholarship for your side,

Tools and services within the platform include:

  • Campaign Architect
  • Reputationsmanagement
  • SEO advertising
  • Sensitive niche promotion
  • content requests
  • SEO on the site
  • Create ranked assets (websites and videos)
  • SEO expert advice
  • Backlink cleaning
  • For: Established agencies and off-page SEO outsourcing
  • Starting price: $200-$300/month
  • Maximum price: $1,000/month

2.) WebCEO's white label SEO platform

15 Best White Label SEO Tools for Marketers and Agencies in 2023 (7)

WebCEO's full-service, white-label SEO platform represents an impressive alternative to the PosiRank system for freelancers and agencies looking for a platform that includes everything but outsourced off-page SEO. $99/month is an ideal plan for small to medium agencies that offers:

  • Daily automated scanning
  • API access for white label SEO tools
  • unlimited projects
  • Unlimited site checks
  • brand reports
  • And unlimited SEO leads per day

With a starter plan starting at $39/month and a pay-as-you-grow agency option starting at $99/month, WebCEO occupies a premium price point for individual freelancers or small to medium sized agencies who may want to white label their offerings through the WebCEO API.
Among WebCEO's offerings, we particularly like the full white-label experience, audit and analytics automation, and the ability to host your tools wherever you want. While WebCEO doesn't outsource your SEO tasks like PosiRank, it's also significantly cheaper and offers a wide range of automation and analytics options. SEO Lead Reports are another unique offering. These reports can be generated manually or automatically and provide actionable SEO optimization reports for potential clients.

  • To: The small but growing agency
  • Starting price: $39/month
  • Top price: $299/month

3.) SERanking White Label SEO-Plattform

15 Best White Label SEO Tools for Marketers and Agencies in 2023 (8)

SERanking's white label SEO platform is designed for SEO, marketers or agencies. The SERanking platform is fully white-coded and allows for self-hosting of cloud-based tools, full stylistic customization, and personalized performance-based billing. Advanced billing options allow webmasters and agencies to charge clients for the number of queries or reports requested or a flat fee.

Similar to WebCEO, the SERanking platform offers a wide range of tools for automatic or manual auditing, backlink verification, competitive analysis and traffic forecasting. PPC competitor and social media management analysis tools are a unique offering among platforms. Best of all, programmatic access provides even better access to custom dashboards and analytics.

A full list of feature types within the SERanking platform includes:

  • Completely white label
  • API access
  • Advanced billing options
  • Keyword-Ranking-Tracker
  • Monitor backlinks
  • Keyword Suggestion Tool
  • Website-Audit
  • SEO/PPC Competitor Research
  • Marketing plan
  • Backlink-Checker
  • automated reports
  • Social-Media-Management
  • Keyword grouper
  • Lead-Generator
  • In-Page-Checker
  • paging monitoring

Perhaps best of all, this complete suite of analytics, billing, reporting, and monitoring tools is available for anywhere from $23 to $189, depending on whether you want daily or weekly monitoring and what options you want access to.

  • For: Wallet-friendly automation and analytics
  • Starting price: $23/month
  • Top price: $189/month

White label SEO platform checklist

15 Best White Label SEO Tools for Marketers and Agencies in 2023 (9)

When looking for the right white label SEO platform, be sure to pay attention to the following details:

  • Are you paying for platform “inflation” when you only need a single white-label tool?
  • Does the platform offer the dataflow integrations you need, and if not, does it offer custom data imports?
  • Need Offsite SEO Outsourcing Help?
  • Need API access to tools for complete custom solutions?
Prices per month
  • Minimum: 23 $
  • Average: $266
  • Maximal: 1.000 $

The Best White Label SEO Dashboards

15 Best White Label SEO Tools for Marketers and Agencies in 2023 (10)

At the end of the day, white label SEO tools are all about presenting clients with top-notch, actionable reports and analytics. Ease of use and the ability to customize dashboards can go a long way in making a good white label SEO tool a winner.

While freelancers and agencies get paid to sift through website and campaign data, clients want clarity and the ability to gain insights related to their overall business goals. This is where dashboards become very important.

15 Best White Label SEO Tools for Marketers and Agencies in 2023 (11)

While dashboards are not tools per se, they are an integral part of both agencies and freelancers managing white label SEO accounts and clients using white label SEO tools.

For this part of our classification we have considered the followingmetricHow to Spot the Best White Label SEO Boards of 2019:

  • "Wow factor" / Incredible design
  • Ease of use and customization of reports
  • White label styling options
  • Mobile Apps
  • Dashboard mentions in reviews

1.) Reference

15 Best White Label SEO Tools for Marketers and Agencies in 2023 (12)

Cyfe's white-label SEO dashboard service is characterized by the number and breadth of data integrations it offers, unique features such as customizable data blending and export capabilities, and full white-label customization.

A total of 144 integrations are available through Cyfe. And with advanced customizations for filtering, merging, queries, and reporting, Cyfe truly is a data lover's dream. As you'd expect, a wider range of data types are supported by the dashboard, including sales data, social media data, SEO data, PPC data, and analytics data. Custom data feeds further extend these offerings, allowing freelancers and agencies to pull all kinds of custom data from clients' servers to showcase on their dashboards.

Reporting on Cyfe comes in a variety of forms. Some of our most popular features include the ability to set up email or SMS alerts, which can be triggered by a variety of data-driven events. Customers can manage their own dashboards while the basic settings you enabled for them remain configured on the provider side.

The icing on the cake with Cyfe is that all customers get access to an unlimited number of dashboards. These highly customizable dashboards are fully white-coded, can be hosted on a custom domain, create branded reports, and even offer a TV mode.

  • For: Agencies that want the most integrations and scalability
  • Starting price: $29/month
  • Maximum price: $20 per customer/month

2.) Hit this white label SEO dashboard

15 Best White Label SEO Tools for Marketers and Agencies in 2023 (13)

Dash Dies offers the gold standard for two of the most core components of high-quality white-label SEO dashboards: a plethora of embeddable data sources and a highly customizable layout.

While many white-label SEO dashboards allow for some level of customization, Dash This has made something of a business out of high-end fully custom dashboards. Want your brand colors on every legend, header and chart? Made. Do you want specific fonts or would you like the designers at Dash This to create something special for you? They do.

Accounts start with access to three dashboards, and enterprise accounts offer up to 100. Preset options and the ability to quickly clone entire dashboards allow medium-sized and large companies to quickly expand their dashboard offering, standardizing options where they are they need and adapt them in other places.

Some of the long list of integrations available at Dash This (most panel organizations we surveyed) include: Google Analytics, Google Ads (Adwords), Facebook Insights, Facebook Ads, Facebook Business Manager, Instagram, Instagram Ads, LinkedIn Pages, LinkedIn Ads, Twitter, YouTube, Google Search Console, SEMrush, Moz, Ahrefs, Majestic, Bing Ads, Google+, Mailchimp, DoubleClick Campaign Manager, DoubleClick Search, Adform, Keymetric, Campaign Monitor, GinzaMetrics, Perfect Audience, Marchex, Searchmetrics, Formstack, WebCEO, Brightcove, ClickMeter and ComScore.

  • For: high-volume manufacturers and high-volume suppliers
  • Starting price: $33/month
  • Top price: $599/month

3.) Agency analysis

15 Best White Label SEO Tools for Marketers and Agencies in 2023 (14)

Agency Analytics is an extremely strong contender for best white label SEO dashboard. The company dashboard checks many requirements for the most demanding buyers. Particular strengths include 100% white-label dashboards, the ability to save "brands" and present them to a variety of clients, integration with multiple data providers, automated reporting, and a branded mobile app.

White-label features highlighted in the Agency Analytics dashboard include precise color selection, integration of icons and branding materials across mobile and desktop apps, the ability to host dashboards wherever you choose, and the ability to group dashboard configurations. profiles.”

The reports are another solid set of agency analytics. Reports can be scheduled for the future and you can create templates for specific customer groups. Report types built into the Agency Analytics dashboard include SEO, PPC, Social Media, Email, Call Tracking, and Ratings.

Finally, Agency Analytics offers 30+ integrations with data providers. Particularly unique among data integrations are call tracking and vendor data verification.

  • For: Medium and large agencies looking for efficiency
  • Starting price: $39/month
  • Top price: $499/month


15 Best White Label SEO Tools for Marketers and Agencies in 2023 (15)

When looking for the right white label SEO boards, be sure to pay attention to the following details:

  • Do you need a "pure" control panel solution or a complete platform?
  • Need to give your customers the ability to customize their own dashboard?
  • What data flow integrations are required?
  • Need help designing our dashboards?
Prices per month
  • Minimum: 20 $
  • Average: $59
  • Maximal: 203 $

The best white label SEO analysis tools

15 Best White Label SEO Tools for Marketers and Agencies in 2023 (16)

Although fully associated with private labelsboardsjplatformsSome white label SEO providers really excel in the independent discipline of analytics.

Well, a good analysis means different things to different users. Therefore, we have tried to provide a wide range of applications to the providers of white label SEO analysis tools. That being said, there are some key SEO data providers without which few campaigns can function.

15 Best White Label SEO Tools for Marketers and Agencies in 2023 (17)

So how do we like a quality white label SEO analytics provider? For us, this means that a white-label SEO analytics provider offers a particularly wide range of data source integrations, a wide range of methods for sorting and analyzing data, and likely proprietary methods for retrieving or analyzing data.

Lo in particularmetricBy which we ranked the top rated white label analytics tools are listed below:

  • Adoption Rate (You don't want your analytics providers to go anywhere)
  • Number of requests per price
  • How up to date are the results?
  • Selection of tools for analysis

1.) Government Laboratories

15 Best White Label SEO Tools for Marketers and Agencies in 2023 (18)

Authority Labs may be the go-to place for location-based SEO data. While local SEO isn't a big deal for all campaigns, for many it's at the heart of campaign success. Other reasons we love Authority Labs analytics offerings are that they are 100% white-label, data collection methods can be customized for each client, and offer top-notch analytics and reporting tools.

Some of the data offerings offered almost exclusively by Authority Labs include detailed clickstream data (keyword click patterns), local keyword data sortable by city, state or zip code, big data integration options and methods.

A redesigned API offers extensible applications of Authority Labs' state-of-the-art datasets. Coupled with 100% white-labeling customization, Authority Labs is our pick for by far the best white-label SEO analytics tool out there. This is especially true if you or your clients often use local SEO or ecommerce related SEO data.

  • For: Local SEO and eCommerce professionals
  • Starting price: $99/month
  • Maximum price: $450/month

2.) SEMRush

15 Best White Label SEO Tools for Marketers and Agencies in 2023 (19)

SEMRush is one of the few reference data sources for online campaign management. What many users fail to realize, however, is that SEMRush has full enterprise-level white-label capability. We believe SEMRush is one of the best white-label analytics tools because of the wide range of data sources that SEMRush can quickly pull together, the intuitive dashboards that many industry professionals already know how to use, and SEMRush's years of consistent excellence tools.

The reports offered through SEMRush are based on a variety of data types, including:

  • organic research
  • advertising research
  • Show advertising tool
  • Backlinks
  • keyword research
  • Advertisements with product information

The ability to collect all data sources available in SEMRush, combine them, and present regularly scheduled (and elegantly designed) reports is a boon for any agency worth their salt.
A suite of proprietary tools transform the vast amount of data available through SEMRush into actionable insights. Tools available through White Label include:

  • position tracking
  • Site-Audit
  • Social-Media-Tracker
  • Social-Media-Plaque
  • Brand Monitoring
  • On-Page-SEO-Checker
  • Backlink-Audit-Tool
  • Organic Traffic Insights
  • content analyzer
  • PPC-Keyword-Tool

Perhaps icing on the cake, SEMRush enterprise plans also offer API access, meaning the options for creating a dashboard with a top-notch data feed are virtually endless.

  • For: Established freelancers through large agencies
  • Starting price: $333/month
  • Maximum price: $399+/month

3.) WooRank

15 Best White Label SEO Tools for Marketers and Agencies in 2023 (20)

WooRank excels at providing a slightly different set of datasets than SEMRush or Authority Labs. While our above competitors for the best white label SEO analytics tools have lots of SERP data and user behavior across search engines, WooRank delivers more Onsite SEO with actionable tips on usability, usage patterns, website technical issues and head-to-head competitor analysis.

With highly customizable PDF reports available at the Pro tier, WooRank is also the cheapest tool we ranked in this section. Additional white-label reporting options include marketing checklists, competitor site comparisons, and tracking your site's strengths and weaknesses.

While other tools listed in this section can provide more raw data, WooRank focuses on the connections between SEO-related data and business outcomes. This makes WooRank potentially the best option for presenting actionable insights to non-marketing professionals within a client organization.

  • For: Agencies interacting with non-marketers
  • Starting price: $179/month
  • Top price: $249/month

White Label SEO Analysis Checklist

15 Best White Label SEO Tools for Marketers and Agencies in 2023 (21)

When looking for the right white label SEO analytics tools, be sure to pay attention to the following details:

  • Want a "cookie cutter" or customizable analytics solutions?
  • Need API access for custom analytics solutions?
  • Does the analysis tool offer analysis solutions in ALL critical areas for your customers?
  • Are our customers familiar with marketing data? Or do you need more leaked information?
Prices per month
  • Minimum amount: $99
  • Average: $284
  • Maximal: 450 $

The Best White Label SEO Audit Tools

15 Best White Label SEO Tools for Marketers and Agencies in 2023 (22)

The SEO audit is one of the best "gateway" services to build longer-term client-agency relationships. Being able to present actionable data from the start of a proposed SEO campaign can win many points, especially from business leaders who have never used their company or SEO before.

Also, SEO Audit is often offered as a free service that you can use to generate new leads. This can be a crucial funnel for agencies, and we didn't forget to consider the role a quality embeddable audit tool can play in your onboarding efforts as an agency or freelancer.

15 Best White Label SEO Tools for Marketers and Agencies in 2023 (23)

Auditing is part of the toolkit of almost every white label SEO tool provider. With that in mind, some white label vendors really excel in the breadth or depth of their auditing functionality.

So what do we look for in white label SEO audit tools? The nextmetrichelped us spot some of the best white label SEO audit tools of 2019:

  • Range of metrics considered in the check
  • Easily explore audit data
  • Range and specificity of practical advice or suggestions
  • customer reviews
  • Prices

1.) WooRank

15 Best White Label SEO Tools for Marketers and Agencies in 2023 (24)

As we mentioned in the review section above, WooRank excels at providing superbly designed and automated suggestions for business and site admin clients. By incorporating a wide range of indicators of usability, competition, usage patterns, and technical SEO, WooRank provides a one-stop shop for a quality website audit for clients.

WooRank audit data can be downloaded as slides or PDF and incorporates a variety of data sources. Data feeds are compared against the WooRank database of other websites, and perhaps most importantly, competing websites, and audits are filled out on what makes your website do well or not so well.

In the area of ​​free white label SEO audit tools, WooRank is a bit more expensive. That being said, WooRank is actually a complete white-label toolkit that excels in auditing capabilities. Given the company's full range of offerings, WooRank is quite reasonably priced.

For those looking for a highly detailed yet accessible audit that can be sent to both marketers and the lay public, there's nothing better than WooRank.

  • For: Agencies willing to pay for audits and want lots of practical advice
  • Starting price: $179/month
  • Top price: $249/month

2.) SEOptimer

15 Best White Label SEO Tools for Marketers and Agencies in 2023 (25)

SEOptimer excels as a white label SEO audit tool provider in a number of ways, including the pricing, the use of an audit tool as a marketing tool, and the range of input types covered in the audits provided by the service become.

SEOptimer is designed for both agencies (and SEO professionals) and DIYers. So you can be sure that non-marketing professionals can also follow the suggestions of the audit.

Despite its ease of use, the SEOptimer audit tool analyzes a variety of inputs to generate a report. Additionally, the tool is highly customizable, offering support in a variety of languages ​​and full visual customization.

For agencies looking to empower their clients (or do-it-yourselfers), SEOptimer also offers a number of useful tools to help implement the suggestions raised by the audit. These tools include a meta tag generator, a keyword generator, a robots.txt generator, a .htaccess file generator, and an XML sitemap generator.

Finally, SEOptimer offers the ability to embed its audit tool on your website and offers a free lead generation tool for those looking for SEO advice. While this is common among audit-oriented tool providers, not many of the major SEO platform providers or analytics providers offer this functionality. If this functionality is critical to your SEO services marketing strategy, consider SEOptimer.

  • For: Agencies looking to empower clients and add a free audit tool
  • Starting price: $29/month
  • Maximum price: $59/month

3.) Checker of my website

15 Best White Label SEO Tools for Marketers and Agencies in 2023 (26)

MySiteAuditor has been around for several years and stands out as an affordable, highly customizable, and elegantly designed auditing tool. Unlike many other white label SEO tool providers, MySiteAuditor offers white label capabilities at the lowest price.

If you're looking for an audit form that you can highly customize and that works with a variety of form factors, MySiteAuditor should be on your list of tools. A variety of ready-made forms allow A/B testing of lead generation through audit tools. The pre-built forms include full-page forms, smaller forms that can be embedded in emails, and sidebar forms.

A variety of onsite and offsite metrics are collected in MySiteAuditor audits. An automatically generated summary, placed in a beautifully designed audit report with your branding and custom colors, completes the report with actionable advice.

Undoubtedly, MySiteAuditor has competitive audit tool offerings that focus more on audit forms than a lead generation tool. Also, MySiteAuditor is one of the cheapest tools out of all the rankings in our guide to the best white label SEO tools.

  • For: Budget-conscious freelancers or agencies looking for a lead generation audit tool
  • Starting price: $39
  • Maximum price: $79


15 Best White Label SEO Tools for Marketers and Agencies in 2023 (27)

When looking for the right white label SEO audit tools, be sure to pay attention to the following details:

  • Do you need audit tools separate from the major white label platforms?
  • Do you have any idea what information our clients find useful during an audit?
  • Do you use audit tools as a lead generation method?
  • Also, do you just audit SEO or other digital marketing indicators?
Prices per month
  • Minimum: 29 $
  • Average: $105
  • Maximal: 249 $

The Best White Label SEO Reporting Tools

15 Best White Label SEO Tools for Marketers and Agencies in 2023 (28)

Quality reporting is critical to retaining valued customers. Even if clients have recently noticed successes on your website, daily, weekly or monthly reports are your chance to tie the marketing and SEO campaigns you're running to key business goals.

15 Best White Label SEO Tools for Marketers and Agencies in 2023 (29)

Results aside, reports are perhaps the most important element of an SEO campaign for clients who don't know how to read technical SEO indicators.

Plus, reporting is a skill that many freelancers and agencies don't hone right away. Just because you're good at managing or organizing SEO campaigns doesn't mean you know how to create documents that compel company leaders to make important business decisions.

Some of the most common features that top SEO reporting tools offer are:

  • Ability to "mix" many data sources for analysis.
  • The ability to schedule and automatically deliver routine reports to clients
  • The ability to fully customize the "look" of a report
  • The ability to configure report templates that can be reused with clients
  • Automatically generated, information-rich reports

While many white-label SEO analytics tools, dashboards, and entire platforms offer reporting capabilities, sometimes you just need to add reports to your repertoire. Because of this, we strayed onto the side of tools that primarily focus on reporting in our ranking of the best white label SEO reporting tools.

To create our ranking, we take the following into accountmetric:

  • Scope and depth of customization
  • Ability to create template reports
  • Tool automation skills
  • Ability to integrate many data streams
  • Tool Reviews.
  • Prices

1.) RangoRanger

15 Best White Label SEO Tools for Marketers and Agencies in 2023 (30)

RankRanger is actually much more than just a white label SEO reporting tool. Dashboards and analytics are an important factor in the brand's offerings and it shows in their reporting ability. For the price, you also get a TON of tools for analytics, dashboards, and white-labeled reports.

However, RankRanger's reports are high quality and diverse enough to earn the top spot in this year's ranking of the best white label SEO reporting tools.

Some of the key features we love about RankRanger reports are the ability to send separate reports highlighting different segments of the same data set to different team members, the interactive nature of the reports, and the wealth of workflow integrations of data used for reporting Are available. Plus, you can import your own (or your clients') custom data streams to create a truly valuable reporting experience.

Reports are fully customizable and white-labelled. If you're in a hurry, use one of RankRanger's many templates. Or create your own template to reuse with a range of clients. With a wide range of widgets and widget combinations, you can create patterns that simply cannot be seen with reporting tools.

Finally, RankRanger is one of the cheapest tools featured in our ranking. This is especially true given the ability of users to take advantage of RankRangers reporting, dashboarding and analysis tools. If you're looking for a full set of white label SEO tools that really refine the reporting aspect of SEO resale, RankRanger is a surefire bet.

  • For: Agencies looking for a comprehensive white label reporting focused SEO tool
  • Starting price: $69/month
  • Top price: $399/month

2.) Great Locals

15 Best White Label SEO Tools for Marketers and Agencies in 2023 (31)

BrightLocal is unique in that it is a highly customizable local SEO-focused reporting tool. While there are a variety of tools you can use to input custom data streams, using a service that automatically integrates local keyword data can greatly streamline your reporting process if many of your clients are SEO-focused.

Not only does BrightLocal fill the unique niche of local SEO reports, but it is also highly customizable. Reports can be offered online in PDF or CSV format. Users can create an unlimited number of white-label "skins" to provide user groups with similarly formatted reports. Reports can be scheduled at any interval you choose at no additional cost.

Local reporting components that come standard with BrightLocal include keyword tracking from Google Maps, Bing Local, and Yahoo Local, as well as competitor analysis of these regular Google search results.

A final selling point for BrightLocal is that it is truly a reporting tool first and is offered without the "inflation" of a full platform of white label SEO tools. For agencies looking for a pure reporting solution focused on local search, BrightLocal is a no-brainer.

  • For: Agencies with local SEO clients looking for pure reporting tools
  • Starting price: $49/month
  • Top price: $79/month

3.) Garden report

15 Best White Label SEO Tools for Marketers and Agencies in 2023 (32)

ReportGarden is our second “reports only” white label SEO tool. If you can't guess their name, reports are their specialty and it shows in the number and quality of their custom report types. If none of the pre-built reports are your kind of hype, ReportGarden is highly customizable.

ReportGarden has two other unique selling propositions, including the speed at which beautiful reports can be assembled and the range of insights generated automatically by the reports. Reports can be assembled in as little as 5 minutes and any desired templates can be reused across multiple clients.

Integrations on the ReportGarden platform include Google Adwords, Analytics or Bing accounts. Additionally, unique reporting metrics related to call tracking and tracing are available at higher prices. And perhaps one of the best parts of the platform is that it comes with many reporting options by default.

If you're looking for a white-label SEO reporting tool that has years of expertise in providing insights into the most common reporting topics and can offer tough report templates or extensive customization options, ReportGarden is a great choice.

  • For: Budget-conscious agencies looking to save time
  • Starting price: $140/month
  • Top price: $1,299/month

White Label SEO Report Checklist

15 Best White Label SEO Tools for Marketers and Agencies in 2023 (33)

When looking for the right white label SEO reporting tools, pay attention to the following details:

  • Do you understand what information you need to communicate to your customers?
  • Do you know that reporting will have a measurable impact on customer retention?
  • Do you need reports or a full set of analysis and dashboarding tools?
  • Do you need the ability to "mix" a variety of data sources?
Prices per month
  • Minimum: 49 $
  • Average: $339
  • Maximal: 1.299 $


15 Best White Label SEO Tools for Marketers and Agencies in 2023? ›

Simply put, white-label SEO is hiring an outside contractor or agency to produce digital products under your brand. For example, your company may offer SEO services to a client, but those services are actually provided by another company under your brand.

Who are the best white label SEO providers? ›

Top 10 SEO Companies for White Label Services
  • HigherVisibility.
  • Boostability.
  • Vendasta.
  • Agency Platform.
  • The Hoth.
  • HubShout.
  • Orange Soda.
  • Workify.

What tools do SEO agencies use? ›

Prominent SEO Tools
  • Semrush. Semrush is an all-in-one digital marketing platform that helps businesses of all sizes achieve measurable results. ...
  • AgencyAnalytics. Marketing reporting software designed for agencies. ...
  • SEO PowerSuite. ...
  • DashThis.

What is white label SEO? ›

Simply put, white-label SEO is hiring an outside contractor or agency to produce digital products under your brand. For example, your company may offer SEO services to a client, but those services are actually provided by another company under your brand.

Why white label SEO? ›

White Label SEO is an efficient way to deliver professional results and retain your clients. In a nutshell, an agency hires a white label SEO company that can provide them SEO services that are rebrandable. The majority of a user's internet experience begins with a search engine.

Who is #1 ranking SEO expert? ›

In recognition of his decade-long experience in the SEO industry, Zammy Zaif has earned the prestigious title of Google Ranking Expert. This Google-certified specialist utilizes white hat SEO techniques and puts tremendous effort into securing higher positions for websites on the Google search results page.

Who is the best SEO expert? ›

Here is the list of the top 11 SEO experts you should consider following.
  • Brian Dean. Founded — Backlinko, ExplodingTopics. ...
  • Rand Fishkin. Founder — Moz, SparkToro. ...
  • Neil Patel. Founder — Hello Bar, Crazy Egg, and Neil Patel, ...
  • Danny Sullivan. Founder — Third Door Media. ...
  • Matt Diggity. ...
  • Dave Davies. ...
  • Vanessa Fox. ...
  • Aaron Wall.
Jan 22, 2023

What is the most popular SEO tool? ›

10 best SEO tools for 2023
  • Google Analytics and Google Search Console. Level: Beginner through to advanced. ...
  • Clearscope. Level: All levels. ...
  • Semrush. Level: Intermediate through to advanced. ...
  • Ahrefs. Level: Advanced. ...
  • Moz. Level: Beginner through to intermediate. ...
  • Surfer SEO. Level: All levels. ...
  • SE Ranking. Level: All levels. ...
  • WooRank.

What is advanced SEO tools? ›

Advanced SEO refers to a set of techniques that require a deeper understanding of SEO, search engine algorithms, and marketing technology. These tactics and strategies go beyond SEO basics and can give you an edge over your competitors.

What is the most important tool in SEO? ›

Google Search Console: Top SEO Tool

All you need to do is verify your website by adding a code to your website or going through Google Analytics and you can submit your sitemap for indexing.

How much does white label SEO cost? ›

White Label SEO Reseller Program | Plans Start @ $112/month.

How do you choose a white label SEO provider? ›

Those who want to enter a white label SEO partnership with a company should research the available providers. Narrow down the potential partners by their experience, team, client reviews, project delivery, reporting, and reseller management.

What is white label app example? ›

White label apps are a popular restaurant innovation that allows individual restaurants to set up their own food delivery services outside the confines of services such as UberEats, GrubHub and Sociavore.

What are white label backlinks? ›

What are White Label Backlinks? White label backlinks are a type of backlink that is created and sold by an SEO agency or other marketing company. They are different from regular backlinks because they are not associated with any specific website or brand.

What is a white label setup? ›

White label products are sold by retailers with their own branding and logo but the products themselves are manufactured by a third party. White labeling occurs when the manufacturer of an item uses the branding requested by the purchaser, or marketer, instead of its own.

What is white label coding? ›

White label software is a fully customizable software, enabling companies to rebrand it as their own. It is typically sold as part of a subscription, as the software developer lends rights to use and customize the front-end aspects for a specific period.

What are top SEO salaries? ›

Seo Specialist Salary. $45,000 is the 25th percentile. Salaries below this are outliers. $68,500 is the 75th percentile.

Who are the kings of SEO? ›

The three Kings of SEO are the business, the searchers, and the search engines.

How do I hire the best SEO agency? ›

  1. Understand the SEO agency's history. ...
  2. Inquire about their SEO processes. ...
  3. Ask for expectations for their SEO services. ...
  4. Inquire about previous SEO work. ...
  5. Ask about the transparency of their progress. ...
  6. Ask the SEO company about reporting. ...
  7. Ask about time commitment on your end.
Mar 22, 2023

Can SEO make you millionaire? ›

SEO can be extremely lucrative—but it does take time, effort, and a bucketload of determination to make the big bucks. It's worth remembering that the people making the most money in SEO are not always the most well-versed technical SEOs. Crucially, however, they know how to leverage their skills to make money.

How much does an average SEO expert cost? ›

Hiring an experienced SEO freelancer or agency by the hour typically costs anywhere between $50-$150 per hour. Of course, you can find people that charge significantly less or more than this hourly rate. For example, this SEO hourly rate breakdown found that 6% of SEO providers charge over $200/hour.

How do I choose a SEO tool? ›

A good SEO tool should allow you to view the domain authority and page authority of a given webpage. They describe the authority of a given site, and you can analyze the results for each page separately. Domain and page authority inform you about your chances of appearing high on Google Search.

What websites are best SEO? ›

Top SEO Sites to Watch [Updated for 2021]
  1. Search Engine Land. Search Engine Land provides insights into Google and other search engine updates and explains industry trends. ...
  2. Moz. ...
  3. Content Marketing Institute. ...
  4. Backlinko. ...
  5. Ahrefs. ...
  6. SEMrush. ...
  7. Bullseye. ...
  8. Search Engine Journal.

What makes the best SEO company? ›

The Best SEO Services for Your Small Business 2023
  • SmartSites: Best overall.
  • Victorious: Best for new websites.
  • WebFX: Best for affordable monthly search engine optimization (SEO) plans.
  • OuterBox: Best for e-commerce.
  • SEO Brand: Best for reputation management.
  • Funnel Boost Media: Best for local SEO.
May 21, 2023

What is Google's SEO tool? ›

Google Search Console is a free Google tool that allows you to monitor and improve your website's performance by providing valuable information about its indexing status, search traffic, and various technical SEO aspects that can affect a website's visibility.

What is enterprise SEO tools? ›

Enterprise SEO is the fundamental and strategic execution of organic programs across enterprise-level organizations. To meet the needs of customers and gain a competitive edge, enterprise-grade solutions are leveraged to design for and execute programs at scale.

How do I find a white label company? ›

One of the most obvious places to find white label products is Alibaba.com, one of the world's largest B2B marketplaces. But there are many suppliers of white label products which include print-on-demand suppliers like Printful and Printify. A search on Google is always a good place to start.


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